Welcome to the Bloom Consulting Journal!

A platform where you can learn everything about Nation and Place Branding and where we show what we do every day, here at Bloom Consulting.

The idea of creating a Journal comes from our wish to share what happens behind the scenes: how a Nation or a Place Branding strategy is built from scratch, for whom we do it and who are the brand makers.

This Journal is also our contribution to the Nation and Place Branding Community, where we share our vision on the field, our methodology and our legacy of more than 70 cases worldwide.

Get to know the good and positive examples, the insightful and inspirational stories and the committed and passionate team who are writing a new chapter of Nation and Place Branding’s history, a Country, Region or City at a time.

We will be posting a lot, please keep checking for new stories and articles.

Enjoy our Journal, Enjoy Nation and Place Branding!

The Bloom Consulting Team