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Our core expertise: working with perceptions and reputation

Bloom Consulting is 100% dedicated to Nation and Place Branding. Each country, region, or city branding project that Bloom Consulting takes on provides clients with valuable insights with Bloom’s unique tools and methodologies.

Bloom Consulting delivers comprehensive brand strategies that go “beyond the logo” and marketing. These include strategic vision and planning for the country or the city with the how to approach. By doing so, this ensures a correct implementation and respective measurement of the country and place brand performance towards the Five Specific Dimensions of the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Wheel ©.

What we deliver:



Working to engage stakeholders in Nation Branding and Place Branding

Along with consulting and technology services, Bloom Consulting offers tailored master classes and unique keynotes in order to engage the necessary stakeholders in developing relevant and meaningful Brand strategies for Countries Regions and Cities.

In parallel to the Keynotes, Bloom Consulting provides workshops to define projects and policies within four specific quadrants, which directly influence the perception of countries, regions, or cities.

1- Strategy, 2 Training, 3 - Marketing and 4 - Innovation

What we deliver:

Innovation Workshops


PLACEMAKING I.D.©: How we translate perceptions and reputation in the built environment.

Placemaking I.D.© is the materialization of a place brand in public space, whether in cities through public authorities, or in real estate developments such as planned neighborhoods carried out by the private sector.

Here we understand how the identity of a place materializes into positive experiences for residents, visitors, and commercial/businesses, but also for different sectors of economic, social, and environmental development. The result of this process, built on collaboration and involves not only customers, but mainly the community, is an antifragile place able to adapt to future uncertainties without losing its distinctive characteristics and with a repertoire of options capable of guaranteeing its resilience even after periods of negative impact.

What we deliver:

Community engagement
Place Identity
Design guidelines

4 - #DigitalCountry and #DigitalCity

The new frontier in Nation Branding and Place Branding

#DigitalCountry and #DigitalCity are the country’s or city’s reputation in the Digital World. They are relevant to digital identity instead of technology.

The first two pages of Google results, or any other search engines, show the hard truth of what the world thinks of anyplace. It is the most efficient way to analyse the reputation of a country or city.

Bloom Consulting provides a range of services for countries and cities to audit their digital reputation. These services assist countries in developing and executing strategies that create a demand towards the country or city and prompt world citizens to “search” for them.

What we deliver:


5 - D2 - Digital Demand©

Measuring the brand appeal of Countries or Places in the Digital World.

Digital Demand is a software that measures the appeal of countries and places in the digital world. It does so by gathering and analysing the number of searches performed globally for any of the 245 countries and territories as related to the Five Specific Dimensions of the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Wheel © :

1 - Export, 2 - Investment, 3 - Tourism, 4 - Talent, 5 - Prominence

Then, the big data is filtered according to:

Topics or keywords searched (brandtags), nationality (country of origin), time of year (month).

The tool provides intelligence and serves as a measurement for governments and private institutions to improve their strategies.

What we deliver:


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