The most recent edition of the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © Tourism Edition is pivotal in showcasing the effects of the post-pandemic emergence tied in with global events on Nation Brands worldwide, like the Russo-Ukrainian war. This year’s rankings reveal how countries have adapted and emerged in a rapidly changing tourism landscape, highlighting shifts due to geopolitical dynamics, digitalization, globalization hurdles, and sustainability efforts. Future editions will reveal the impact of the reescalation of conflicts within the Middle East.

This article will provide insight into the Top 10 and highlights of this year’s Tourism edition.

Top Performers

Italy impressively climbs to the top spot, demonstrating remarkable resilience and digital savvy. Its strong performance across various metrics, including D2 Digital Demand © and social media, underscores its robust Nation Brand. Italy snatched the crown from Spain, continuing the fierce competition for the top spot among the world’s leading Nation Brands. The United States of America (USA) continued its descent, now standing in fourth, with Germany on its heels.

Leaping to third globally, Japan’s ascent is marked by top D2 Digital Demand © and the successful hosting of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, an impressive feat, especially in the context of the world’s recent emergence from the fog of the pandemic. Its cultural appeal and online prowess are significant factors in its rise as well, bringing a notable Asian presence to the Top 3.

Climbing up to sixth globally and fourth in Europe, Türkiye shows robust growth in tourism receipts, D2 Digital Demand ©, and social media, despite economic and geopolitical challenges in its region, worth keeping an eye on for next year’s ranking edition. Notable contenders for the biggest jumps are Egypt with a six-position jump to place itself as the only African country in the Top 20, and Austria with a four-position ascent, edging closer to the Top 10.

While many countries garnered staggering leads considering the uncertainty of the recent months, The United Kingdom (UK) and Australia face notable declines, along with Hong Kong’s 16 position drop, reflecting continued regional challenges and a struggle to emerge frontrunners from post-pandemic environments, as Italy has demonstrated its ability to do. Mexico is on the cusp of Top 10, with Austria and Portugal closing in fast, setting up an exciting race for Top 10 contention in future rankings.

Biggest rises and falls

Italy and Türkiye  shine in Europe, while Spain, despite strong tourism receipts, gives way to Italy’s comprehensive progress. Slovenia and Poland show steady improvements, with Poland notably recovering from previous drops, an unexpected occurrence considering its proximity to the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Japan leads Asia, with India breaking into the Top 5 regionally. Saudi Arabia and Qatar mark significant improvements, while Hong Kong SAR, Philippines and Taiwan face drops due to pandemic-related impacts on tourism receipts.

Africa sees a notable reshuffling in rankings, with Morocco overtaking South Africa for the first time, holding steady behind Egypt who maintains its position in first for the third consecutive year.

The USA remains the leader in the Americas, with Aruba and Colombia showing upward trends. Jamaica and Peru, however, experience setbacks in their tourism sectors.

Australia continues to lead in Oceania, followed by New Zealand and Fiji, with all three demonstrating strong Nation Brands, exemplifying the region’s non-dynamic ranking.

This year’s Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © Tourism Edition highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of global tourism post-pandemic, as well as the world’s recent decline into a plethora of geopolitical unrest. Countries that have effectively managed digital presence, sustainability, and resilience in the face of adversity are emerging as leaders in the new tourism landscape. The rankings offer valuable insights into current trends and future directions in global tourism.

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The complete Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © Tourism edition will provide more insight into this year’s rises, falls, and surprises. It is now available to download for free. The report is designed to assist in the Nation Branding process and serve as a benchmark for brand managers and other stakeholders. The World Economic Forum, World Bank, and European Travel Commission use the data, too.