In today’s globalized world, there are more Countries, Regions and Cities that adopt Nation and Place Branding strategies. They use this indispensable tool to manage their image and reputation within and beyond borders.

Reasons for Nation and Place Branding may vary according to the internal reality and the specific objectives of each Country, Region or City. Yet, there are three main advantages of its application that we have identified below.

1. Aligning perceptions with reality

The way we perceive a particular Country is influenced by various internal and external factors. These factors include the media and the entertainment industry; they may also include other Countries.

The main objective of Nation and Place Branding strategies is to align international perceptions with reality in order to build, manage, and enhance the image and reputation of a Country, Region or a City.

Furthermore, the purpose is also to understand what makes the Country, Region or City unique and special. It is important to develop specific activities, policies and projects to build more positive and fair reputation.

2. Creating a vision for the future

Building and maintaining the desired reputation implies understanding not only how we are viewed today, but also how we would like to be and could be perceived tomorrow.

Nation and Place Branding strategies are based on a united vision of the future based on common goals. This way, the support of civil society as well as the public and private sectors can be guaranteed. The support is indispensable for the success of these strategies.

Not only do Nation and Place Branding strategies help build the desired perception through specific policies and projects, they also help design and build a more optimistic and favourable reality.

3. Promoting economic and social development

International perceptions have an undeniable economic impact. Fair or unfair, the reputation of a Country, Region or City influences the choices of international stakeholders; whether it is investors, importers, entrepreneurs, tourists or human talents.

Nation and Place Branding strategies help create a clear and sustainable distinction for the Country, Region or the City while enhancing the competitiveness of its tangible and intangible assets.

Repositioning and managing reputation through Nation or Place Branding enables places to focus on attracting certain audiences who are perceived as strategic for the progress of the Country, Region or City.

For instance, attracting the companies or talent required for the development of strategic sectors will not only create value for the destination but more and better job opportunities and posts.

However, brand building goes beyond strategic repositioning. Through initiatives in specific areas (i.e. legislation, training, innovation, etc.), brand strategies drive strategic sectors to develop the Country, Region or City and allow them to advance in the desired areas.