What are you doing, Olga?

Currently I am working on the individual analysis for Countries interested in their Covid-19 crisis management Brand-Nought. This new concept was launched by Bloom Consulting on City Nation Place’s webinar on May 27th, and it is part of the conjoint study with D2-AnalyticsThe Impact of Covid-19 on Nation Brands. I’m also working on the new edition of Digital Country Index, which is planned to be published soon.

Describe your typical workday.

As a Senior Data Analyst, working closely with Bloom Consulting’s sister company – D2 Analytics, my job is to gather, process and analyse the data with the research team. So, my typical day depends on the projects I’m assigned to, although it mainly involves conducting the data gathering and analysis for Digital Demand – D2©, Digital Supply© and for Live Quanti©. I also do the adjustment for D2-Analytics’ software, prepare the additional data analysis for the technical support for the clients and distribute and revise tasks for the Junior Data Analysts.

What do you like most about Place Branding?

Place Branding gives Countries, Regions and Cities the opportunity to reach their goals through a brand strategy. A solid and coherent Place Branding strategy allows any place to differentiate itself from direct competitors and improve its world reputation. The alignment of the brand’s core values with every action, policy and measure, provides a proactive approach in managing the image of Nation and Place Brands and that is, at least, empowering.

To what extent do you consider your work to be important for Countries, Regions, and Cities?

As a Senior Data Analyst and member of the research team, I find our work very important, especially on the first phase of the consulting projects – the research phase. For a data driven company as Bloom Consulting, it is crucial to obtain a high quality, primary source of data (such as Digital Demand – D2©, Digital Supply©, Live Quanti©). That’s the base to the next phases of the projects which involves making decisions and recommendations strictly related to the data. It is a great feeling, to know that my work gives a starting point for the amazing ideas created by our talented consultants.

Which Nation or Place Brand do you appreciate the most?

I would say New Zealand is one of the role models in terms of what a Nation Brand should be. The New Zealand Story is a great example of how a brand must communicate its Central Idea through every channel. The Kiwis transmit its values as a progressive nation of creative idea-makers and care for people and place in everything they do. I appreciate how they promote its nature and local activities as the touristic asset, and how they deliver new and innovative solutions to attract global talents and investors.