What are you doing, Jolanta?

Planning is my mantra lately, but I am transitioning to the execution phase. This is important in any role, whether you are a director or an officer. To succeed, you need a plan that you can implement step by step, that’s why I like the guidebooks developed by Bloom Consulting, such as the “14 Steps of Nation Branding” and the “11 Steps of Placemaking.” They provide a structured approach to approaching big and daunting projects, such as Nation Brand development and implementation. To stay on track, I plan on three scales: yearly, monthly, and weekly.

Describe your typical workday.

I enjoy working in a quiet and uninterrupted environment, so I usually start my day early by checking on overnight activity, such as managing our social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), monitoring media, and responding to emails. In addition to that, I make it a priority to keep track of our client’s online activity. By keeping a close eye on clientele and industry leader web activity, I can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. After all of that, I move on to my regular workday, which involves interacting with colleagues and attending meetings. Throughout these interactions, I always try to carve out time to produce content for our social media accounts and Bloom Consulting Journal.

What do you like most about Place Branding?

I have always believed that places, whether a Country, City, Region, or any other entity, such as government, need to engage with global citizens and outline what their common purpose is as a nation. Action speaks louder than words, but not always… If we don’t create our own narrative, someone else will do it for us, and perhaps not in the most commendatory perspective. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to create new or alter current images quickly, which can either enhance or harm a place’s reputation. I appreciate that Place Branding is complex initiative that involves various actions centred around a Central Idea.

To what extent do you consider your work to be important for Countries, Regions, and Cities?

Spreading awareness about the importance of Place Branding is crucial. For example, by sharing the post on social media that highlight 5 reasons why Place Branding matters, I hope to inspire someone to take action and make a positive impact on their place’s future and for future of generations to come. I believe that there is always a need for broader education and engagement around specific topics. This is where I play a role, and in doing so, I hope to encourage more people to understand and appreciate the value of Place Branding.

Which Nation or Place Brand do you appreciate the most?

I am particularly impressed by what Estonia has accomplished. They have created a modern and futuristic image of their nation in my mind. They are viewed as technology advanced, accessible through e-services, easy to navigate, and proud of their Estonian and Scandinavian heritage, rather than being defined by their post-Soviet past. Estonia’s successful branding efforts have truly set them apart and given them a unique and recognizable identity. Their achievements serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the impact that a strong and well-executed Place Brand strategy can have on a nation’s image and perception.