Bloom Consulting initiates leading survey to be presented at the City Nation Place Conference

At Bloom Consulting, we are excited to be participating in the City Nation Place Conference during 3-4th of November in London. City Nation Place is an organisation that provides information, keynotes and ideas for global Place branding teams and leaders.

Each year, the event brings together global leaders from the Place Branding and Place marketing industry who are passionate to share their insights and knowledge with participants. After an online only event last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the City Nation Place Conference welcomes back guests for the annual global event. 

Bloom Consulting has worked with over 75 clients around the world to develop strategies and initiatives that help build reputations and strong Place Brands. A key part of our process involves getting to the bottom of what is true and unique about a Nation Brand or a City Brand and building on these authentic attributes with proactive initiatives and policies. 

However, measuring the effectiveness of these initiatives can be complex because building a strategy is only part of the solution. Implementing and sustaining Nation and Place branding initiatives is what drives change over a period of time. 

Thus, strategies can fail because of a lack of stakeholder engagement, lack of follow-through, leadership changes or budgets are not committed long-term. This makes the process of measuring tangible results – directly correlated to branding initiatives – very challenging. 

Bloom Consulting together with City Nation Place and researchers from Pompeu Fabra University recently initiated a research project to help solve this problem. Specifically, this groundbreaking project aims to identify if positive perceptions about a place can have a direct impact on economic or social performance. The research will also aim to understand if proactive efforts in managing a Place or Nation Brand influence the economic performance of a country.  

“This study is a first of its kind in the Nation and Place Branding industry. Increasingly, governments want to be able to measure their investment into Country Branding, City Branding and any type of Place Branding.

They want to know what is working and what isn’t. With the data available, we are aiming to produce something that really shows the potential impact of their work,” said José Filipe Torres, CEO of Bloom Consulting.

The research consists of five phases including:

  • Recruitment and data collection
  • Preliminary data analysis and testing
  • Big data gathering
  • Data processing
  • Final Formulation

Bloom Consulting encourages all Place and Country Brands to share relevant data so strategies can be measured effectively and accurately. 

José Filipe Torres together with Bloom Consulting’s Place Analytics director, Gonzalo Vilar will be presenting the details and outline of the research report during their talk titled, How Place Brands can better measure their strategies on economies at the City Nation Place conference. 

To find out more, log onto the City Nation Place.