Why Create an Academy?

Following on from its pioneering partnership with Middlesex University in the UK which resulted in the world’s first post graduate master’s degree in Place Branding, Bloom Consulting has launched its sister company, the world’s first Place Brand Academy, the Bloom Place Academy. Which offers CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified skills training for practitioners, teams, organisations, and agencies working in cities, regions, and countries – in government, agency, planning, policy, and marketing. 

Since 2003 Bloom Consulting has been active in this field, providing high-value strategic Place Branding consultancy internationally. In recent years it has become apparent to Bloom Consulting that there is a real demand from existing practitioners and new entrants to the field for knowledge and training in the skills required to cost-effectively implement Place Brand strategies to realise the promise of their brands.

Bloom Place Academy is led by Principal, Malcolm Allan, currently President of Bloom Consulting, Managing Director, Penny Bagnall-Smith, and Academic Director, Dr. Giannina Warren.

The mission of the Bloom Place Academy is to empower and equip Place Brand and marketing teams in countries, regions, and cities, and in destinations, with the knowledge and skills they need to bring their Place Brand vision to life.

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What is the Approach of the Bloom Place Academy?

A Mix of Theory and Practice

The courses on offer at the Bloom Place Academy are a blend of theory and practice in the field of Place Branding within a framework of the exacting standards of the UK Higher Education Sector and the requirements of the globally respected Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification in the UK. In short, “pedagogical excellence” informed by years of practical application.

Customised Training Tailored to Client and Individuals Needs

The Bloom Place Academy believes that “one-size-does not-fit all”; in consequence Academy training programmes are tailored to client’s and their staff’s specific needs, whether they be a brand strategy team, a destination management or marketing team, a creative agency or an institution. 

The Academy offers and delivers an interactive mix of in-person and on-line knowledge, learning and skills training – delivered through seminars, workshops and masterclasses, depending on needs.

What is the Initial Course Offer and Who is it For?

The Bloom Place Academy curriculum covers every aspect of Place Branding to enable clients to execute their Place Brand strategies across diverse touch points.

The Academy will focus on three key areas of Place Brand practice:

  1. Place Brand Initiation for Brand Custodians

Bespoke seminars and workshops designed for politicians, senior public servants, key stakeholders, and directors, people who will act as “Brand Custodians”; providing them with knowledge essential for places to embark on comprehensive Place Brand strategy, fostering the knowledge and skills require for effective Place Brand development and leadership.

This programme can be delivered through in-person workshops and seminars over a two-day period designed with client needs in mind. 

2. Place Brand Set-Up for Brand Builders

Tailored for places in the final stages of brand strategy development, it offers essential guidance on structuring, funding, staffing, and efficiently managing the implementation process. Targeted at ‘Brand Builders’ in existing Place Brand partnerships and experienced brand development teams, it optimises the transition from strategy to action.

The program offers online modular courses, along with the option of delivering seminars online or in person, all of which culminate in CPD Accreditation and Certificate upon completion.

3. Place Brand Escalation for Brand Operators

Geared for places that are ready to bring their brand strategy to life at scale, this programme focusses on the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively embed brand strategies through on-brand policies, programmes, projects, events, storytelling, and marketing, with a focus on the development and capacity building requirements of ‘Brand Operators’.

The program is designed for project managers and front-line staff, offering flexible learning options, easy online licensing, and CPD Accreditation and Certification upon completion.

What is Different About the Bloom Place Academy?

It is the first Academy of its kind in the field of Place Brand Strategy and Implementation.

It is based on an innovative combination of academic theory on the field with effective practice in brand development, implementation, and management.

It is developed and delivered by practitioners from the field who have experience as educators and trainers delivering skills in-person and on-line.

It has been awarded CPD Accreditation and Certification status for its programme of course offers.

How to Contact the Bloom Place Academy to Find-Out More about its Offer?

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